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SoulFine and SoulTiles – they’re like fraternal twins. Like a couch and a sofa. A gallery wall and a collage. Same soul but with individual, distinctive hype.I’d say they are twin flames but then I feel like I’m riding on the coattails of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelley.  

I digress.

Let me make the introductions: SoulTiles – upload your favorite photos and they’re printed on glass tiles. Easy to hang. Looks amazing. SoulFine. The site to find great art, also printed on glass tiles. Edgy, modern, classic styles – we’ve got it.

They love to be in the same space together. Mixed and matched. SoulTiles and SoulFine are so cohesive and compatible, that interior designers think we’re a big deal. They were knit together in the womb of personal, soulful expression.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

By DeAnn Feltz 8/13/21